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Im a fashion student at Middlesex University. I am mainly into street wear and this can be adapted to high end fashion and influenced by lots of different subcultures and areas within the fashion scene. One thing you must know about me is.. I love sneakers and anything with a bit of colour!


Where to shop and hang out..

The baggy clothes, bright patterns and chunky gold jewellery is hard to find these days, even if todays shops are bringing out modern versions, they still can never live up to the real garments with the real old school feel. Nethertheless, the East of London has nurtured ‘Brick Lane’ into one becoming one of London’s most famous streets, selling all things traditional at their best.

Brick Lane is home to London’s most well known Vintage shops.

ROKIT – 107 Brick Lane. -  Rokit is home to hundreds of vintage treasures, housing lots of fun and quirky garments and accessories, keeping the fashion of modern day as alive and kicking as it was years ago!

As your venturing down the amazingly multicultural brick lane, as an Old School lover, you may be enticed by the Vintage Baseball jacket hanging in the window. Why not go inside? Here are a few garments you may find to suit your taste..

BEYOND RETRO - 110-112 Cheshire Street

Everyone knows about beyond retro, if you don't then you need to get with the system! 

Beyond retro owns a grand collection of vintage luxuries and vintage casual garments. It caters for those who have been sucked into many different eras. The store itself looks enticing, with so many colourful garments and energetic looks on display. Beyond Retro staff members are extremely in touch with the creativity behind creating new looks with old clothes and bringing forward the fashion of many years ago.

If you're looking to be an 'Old School' dude then you will have no problem here.

Colourful Shirts went well with a dungarees, some braces and some gold chains and earrings back in the 1980's.

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