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Im a fashion student at Middlesex University. I am mainly into street wear and this can be adapted to high end fashion and influenced by lots of different subcultures and areas within the fashion scene. One thing you must know about me is.. I love sneakers and anything with a bit of colour!



Crepe city pops up now and again to supply some of the most exclusive sneakers, with crazy designs and colours along side exciting, graphic tshirts and garments, perfect for an urban street wear lover who see's the best in the art of sneakers!

FARFETCH - Farfetch creates its own concept through its website, allowing the customer not only to shop for on point, trendy clothing but to accomplish a pleasant shop in the luxe section with candles and a fashion concious customer's natural lust for fragrances to complete their immaculate image.

OKI-NI - The oki-ni website demonstrates a contemporary feel to it, with an obvious understanding of modern day, original style and fashion, showing its real passion for design allowing customers to finish their internet shop with a magazine purchase.

LNCC - Stepping in the the world of LNCC, the opening of this websites automatically states thats its straight forward and focused with unbelievably simple navigation for the obvious creative customer with tabs for music, fashion, books and more, demonstrating they are focused on the art of design with countless carefully selected designer garments on offer. 

NET-A-PORTER - Displaying the 'what's new' tab first, net-a-porter wants it's customer to have first look at their most recent trends and styles, aiming to fashion the streets with the next best look, allowing the customer to select specific outfits for specific events.

NJAL  - Sincerely owning its name, NJAL allows its customers to explore the depth of design in garments and accessories, giving explanations of where ideas have come from and deeper meanings, supporting the fact that numerous high-end fashion houses are 'not just a label'. 


Distributing its carefully selected one off garments over 3 stores, Start combines its classy, edgy look within the interior, lay out and the garments, with the whole store holding a sense of stateliness.

Labour of love has its own cute aesthetic, whilst stocking expensive designer garments for adults and children it doesn't have the wealthy atmosphere which many high-end stores have, taking less care.

Warm interior of creams and golds with the garments positioned along the walls of the store, stocking a selection of smart and casual fashionable garments all belonging to high fashion designers, Diverse really lives up to its name. 

Not a lot of time on your hands? This sophisticated department store allows you to pick a high quality outfit, get a makeover, grab a bite to eat and do your food shopping all in the nick of time. 

A contemporary street wear men’s store stocking expensive labels, some of which are Japanese, these garments are being sold to customers by friendly staff members which made my experience pleasant, none the less I was slightly confused as to why they were selling expensive candles!?


The convenience store has an amazing delicate feel to its presentation of garments, hanging them from threads on hangers, portraying the preciousness of the niche, well selected, sought after garments it has in store.

Housing as many garments and accessories as possible, hardly set out in any sort of order, Bluebird doesn't appear to me to have a typical clean cut 'wealthy store for wealthy customers' feel, however still stocking expensive garments of top designers such as those of Christopher Kane. 

Displaying their own aesthetic of a natural and calming environment, Bstore stocks unique, classy garments and quirky shoes, situated nearby Issey Miyake and Vivienne Westwood stores so that customers are attracted into Bstore when passing by. 

A very precious store with a section dedicated to Alexander McQueen, stocking labels such as YSL, Matches presents its store in a very clever layout, displaying shoes underneath garments to make outfit suggestions for its customers. 

A store for everyone, touching on basics clothing, Topshop clothing and a few designer labels alongside promoting plenty of quirky trends through amazing mannequin displays, supplying fashionable clothing at a reasonable price not letting customer’s forget they can complete their look with several options of beauty care. 


A perfect ‘glam store’ for the younger Brown’s customer who is chic, classy and willing to spend their mother's money on first-class clothing, whilst she is keeping the staff of Browns on their toes trying on countless Gareth Pugh dresses.

 A unique store reaching out to a wide range of customers, this store endeavours to provide its customers with distinctive trends blending in a couple of high end fashion labels, displaying the garments, books and accessories in an environment of signature ‘Urban Outfitters’ decor.


A traditional well to do department store, often recognised as a great tourist attraction, it gives customers of all ages a warm welcome with its dark wood interior and friendly staff creating a pleasant shopping experience with cutting edge, designer garment and accessory collections and exciting window displays.

 A high end, glamorised version of the normal Oxfam store, taking in used designer and fancy clothes selling them at a reasonable price. 

 Presenting both a casual and smart style in a store with a fresh and clean decor, Hoxton Boutique sells exclusive brands and uses it’s creativity to integrate different themes within the store.  

 Created by Rei Karakubo of Commes des GarĪ‚ons, this store which is far from a market, exhibits the most supreme of fashion in a conceptualised environment tugging at the purses of a young, stylish audience. 

A wide ranged vintage warehouse with a slight high-end fashion spin on it, stocking traditional Manolo Blanik shoes amongst others and oodles of vintage garments perfect for the fashionista in touch with fashion of the past. 

An old town house which has renovated into a decorative yet modern store with a minimal feel handing the limelight over to the high couture garments, some of which are displayed on innovative architectural sculptures. 


A vintage paradise with a colour co-ordinated lay-out, stocking fairly priced classic vintage garments, shoes and accessories which are all well represented through staff members and displays.



An original, contemporary store, with a modernised pop art window display, Sefton provides an edgy look for middle-aged customers in time with the fashion of today.

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