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Im a fashion student at Middlesex University. I am mainly into street wear and this can be adapted to high end fashion and influenced by lots of different subcultures and areas within the fashion scene. One thing you must know about me is.. I love sneakers and anything with a bit of colour!


FARFETCH - Farfetch creates its own concept through its website, allowing the customer not only to shop for on point, trendy clothing but to accomplish a pleasant shop in the luxe section with candles and a fashion concious customer's natural lust for fragrances to complete their immaculate image.

OKI-NI - The oki-ni website demonstrates a contemporary feel to it, with an obvious understanding of modern day, original style and fashion, showing its real passion for design allowing customers to finish their internet shop with a magazine purchase.

LNCC - Stepping in the the world of LNCC, the opening of this websites automatically states thats its straight forward and focused with unbelievably simple navigation for the obvious creative customer with tabs for music, fashion, books and more, demonstrating they are focused on the art of design with countless carefully selected designer garments on offer. 

NET-A-PORTER - Displaying the 'what's new' tab first, net-a-porter wants it's customer to have first look at their most recent trends and styles, aiming to fashion the streets with the next best look, allowing the customer to select specific outfits for specific events.

NJAL  - Sincerely owning its name, NJAL allows its customers to explore the depth of design in garments and accessories, giving explanations of where ideas have come from and deeper meanings, supporting the fact that numerous high-end fashion houses are 'not just a label'. 

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