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Im a fashion student at Middlesex University. I am mainly into street wear and this can be adapted to high end fashion and influenced by lots of different subcultures and areas within the fashion scene. One thing you must know about me is.. I love sneakers and anything with a bit of colour!



The layout of RWD's online magazine is generally a brief summary of the posts topic and image which focuses on this.

RWD MAG is a magazine largely based around the Urban scene, presenting news on the latest music Artists coming up and the latest crazes of the latest hip-hop/urban fashion trends. These are often great representatives of modern day creations inspired by the most popular trends when hip-hop fashion was at its peak.

Here is an example of the sort of 'hip-hoppy' things RWD come across and willingly share with us. Some typically 80's style sneakers. Bold and obvious symbols and colours has 80's written all over it. They can't quite make up their mind whether they are low or high tops? Slightly on the verge of creeping in a little higher ankle line there! Can't stay away from the Old School feel. Ellesse was particularly a lot more popular back in the day than it seems to be now, but it looks as though they're creeping back through the cracks of rows of Nikes and Adidas sneakers. Maybe they'll be given a chance?!

Love This!

A Funky Fashion Story with Cassie

A mixture of fashion influences within this shoot. Hip-hop influences come within the trains, the baggy t-shirts, bold letters, symbols and prints. Women either wore extremely baggy trainers or skinny trousers. Lets not forget the demin jackets, they were a hit with the ladies!



WATCH: If you haven't already seen this film, you must do. It strongly represents the struggle of those within the Hip-Hop scene and the culture and surroundings in which they were living in. Not only does it give you this deepened sense of what it was like, but it gives an overall view of the Fashion trends which were settling in and the icons which were beginning to grow within that time, such as 'Faith Evans', 'Lil Kim' and 'Tupac'. All of which were up and coming music artists in their own right.


LOOK AT :  http://www.thesource.com/


The Source is a strongly American-based magazine which covers the ins and outs behind Hip-Hop's culture, politics, music and fashion. It was founded in 1988, undoubtedly in the heart of Hip-Hop's major flourish. The time when the likes of Kid n Play, TLC, Aaliyah and Biggie Smalls were taking charge of the   scene.

'Smiles, every time my face is up in The Source' - Biggie Smalls.

So, yep, Biggie Smalls and fellow Artists were sourcing the Hip-Hop culture with so many things to talk about whether it be good news or a bad influence..it encouraged the Hip-Hop seen to grow and draw in the interests of many young Americans.

Collectors Issue of The Source -  Biggie Smalls was a well known face


Funky Funk is the name of club events held across the UK, which are run by Jay, the owner of a company called BMJ promotions. These events are held with the ambitions to bring back old school music and change the vibe within the club today and get the live feel that used to be present.  BMJ promotions aims to give young Artists, DJ’s and Producers a chance to express their talents and share them with people those interested in listening to some upbeat, funky music.

All DJ’s have a feel of the hip-hop side of music and have the ability to mix this into other genre such as funky house, bringing and energetic feel to the night.

Funky Funk recently held an awesome night in Sudbury, which is only a small town, but this did not affect the turn out as the place was packed with enthusiastic people who wanted to involve themselves within this music scene.

A well-known Artist of the East Anglian area known as Nee-Hi hit the stage in this event and wowed the crowd. As a natural performer, he got the crowd on their feet and loving his tracks. Not only does he perform but he also entertains.

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