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Im a fashion student at Middlesex University. I am mainly into street wear and this can be adapted to high end fashion and influenced by lots of different subcultures and areas within the fashion scene. One thing you must know about me is.. I love sneakers and anything with a bit of colour!



Alexander Wang is an exhilarating Japanese Designer, based in the U.S, the country of which his career began at the raw age of 18 and has since then developed tremendously, demonstrating his own, unique style. At a first glance, Alexander’s collections vividly demonstrate a sense of casual and coolness yet still having a classy, well to-do edge to them. He designs for women and men. However, even throughout the women’s wear collections, he follows through a feel of masculinity with the cut of the garments, ranging from jackets to shorts and straight panels that deter from the fitted garment that shows off the womanly figure. This idea can be seen in not all but a large proportion of the garments in his Fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection. There is a real technical and mechanical feel within some of the garments and a somewhat suburban style weaves in and out. A few of the looks created seem to have some references of the late eighties and early nineties fashion, particularly that of the Urban scene. Jackets are a particular garment in his collection which have clearly referenced the urban style of this era, predominantly in the U.S. The bomber jackets with oversized garments are a definite key look. The whole enlargement of the garments, including details such as pockets really defines the nineties suburban feel, even though it was mainly the men that were representing this look, women did also. However, regardless of this, it all links together as the masculinity of his feminine looks is apparent throughout his collections. His pre-fall 2011 collection similarly incorporates the chilled out nineties style baseball jackets into high-end fashion design. The thick bands around the hem, the wrists and the neck are the signature details with a loose fit. These particular details also can be seen throughout his Spring 2010 but not necessarily within baseball jacket designs but they have been taken and incorporated into other garments such as cropped tops with puffed sleeves and chunky elasticated bands for the cuffs. Along with these garments, the baggy sweatshirt was a well-known garment in the eighties and nineties and these were not only in the hip-hop scene but also throughout other trends. Alexander Wang has designed a few of these in his Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection and has accentuated the volume of the sleeve. Many of the hip-hop eighties and nineties fashion trends have been researched and adapted to more high-end fashion garments but still reflect the main details and shapes of the original style garments of those eras.

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