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Im a fashion student at Middlesex University. I am mainly into street wear and this can be adapted to high end fashion and influenced by lots of different subcultures and areas within the fashion scene. One thing you must know about me is.. I love sneakers and anything with a bit of colour!



Nee-hi, who seems to be a bit of a Fresh Prince, is well in touch with the old school ‘swagger’ of American hip-hop in the late 80’s early 90’s. Sporting those crazy 80’s and  old school hair styles of High top fades, Gumby’s and occasionally a half moon Caesar, I could definitely see a bit of the Will Smith style creeping through. That’s no surprise as he spent his childhood years admiring and hoping to adopt that cocky and charming manner of Will in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bell air’. It seems to have been a definite success, as Nee-hi believes he would be described as ‘a bit of charmer, cocky, energetic and not afraid of self expression’. That’s not all. Nee-hi has battled to carry the whole aesthetic of the old school hip-hop trend which was very strong in the US, through to today. Truly representing the high top sneakers, obviously Jordans! Chillin’ in a snap back cap, and a vintage baseball jacket, Nee- hi spends most of his time writing and working hard on his music, trying to promote himself as much as he can, I guess?! It’s sure to say that he developed his love of music from a young age influenced by Artist’s such as ‘De La Soul’, ‘Nas’ and ‘A Tribe Called Quest’, ultimately some of Hip-hop’s most influential Artist’s of the 80’s and 90’s. However, He doesn’t keep himself restrained, also listening to music coming from Bob Dylan and Jimmy Hendrix to 50cent and Jcole who are 2 Artists which have most definitely been caught under the influence of 80’s and 90’s Hip-hop. Nee-hi wanted to get closer to the old school Chicago bull snap back caps and t-shirts which are often stocked in the real good vintage stores, so he took himself to the city of Chicago itself!.. ‘To me it was the dopest place I've ever been and I hope to go back there someday’. That simply sums it up. He must have been having the time of his life experiencing the fashion, lifestyle and also the Cubs and Chicago Bull’s matches. His snap back caps definitely came in handy!

I thought maybe it was time to let Nee-hi get back to chillin’ to a bit of De La Soul or watching some old school screenings of Kenan and Kel. Who knows? But he’s definitely an ‘old school guy’.

Let’s just say it’s a rap!

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